Vintage P Kaufmann Chintz Fabric

5 Vintage Chintz Brands You Need to Know When Shopping Online

If you’re unfamiliar with vintage chintz brands, then shopping for affordable chintz can be a difficult task.

Sure, if you Google search for chintz fabrics you’ll get plenty of results for the classics. These results are very pretty, but for the casual decorator, the prices for these patterns can be absurd.

Which is why I wrote this post. If you’re looking to work on a small project and need chintz fabric to get it done, I suggest you take a look at the vintage chintz brands below.

Jay Yang

Jay Yang Vintage Chintz Brand

Jay Yang was a prominent fabric designer of the 80s.

His style was described as, “…traditional yet updated to fit contemporary color schemes and modern settings [of the time],” (Cipperly).

You may find some Jay Yang fabric designs also appear under the Fabriyaz label. Fabriyaz was one of the handful of textile brands that Yang owned.

Cyrus Clark

Cyrus Clarke Vintage Chintz Fabric

Cyrus Clark was president of the Cyrus Clark Company, which manufactured textiles. The company was founded in 1925.

One of my favorite Cyrus Clark patterns is Wisteria (pictured above). Monica Benavidez has some gorgeous drapes in this pattern! You can find some images under her “Guest Room” highlights on her Instagram page.

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley is one of my favorite vintage chintz brands. Largely influenced by the English countryside, her style was very romantic.

Ashley started out small by hand printing on linen fabrics and later grew to garment production. It wasn’t until the 80s that she began to mass produce the home furnishings her name is synonymous with.


Fabriyaz Vintage Chintz Brands

As previously mentioned, Fabriyaz was under the direction of Jay Yang for some time. Despite some overlap here, I decided to add it to my list of vintage chintz brands because Fabriyaz carried Mario Buatta’s first chintz collection.

I’ve talked about Mario Buatta before so those who are familiar with his work would understand why Fabriyaz made it on the list.

You’re guaranteed incredible chintz fabrics if it’s from Buatta. So I recommend you use search terms like “Fabriyaz” and “Mario Buatta Chintz Fabric” if you need bright and busy floral fabrics.

P. Kaufmann

Vintage P Kaufmann Chintz

P. Kaufmann is one of the few on this vintage chintz brands list that still manufactures textiles today.

Although they provide many styles of florals, their vintage floral designs are some of their best. Like the other brands on this list, you may have to scour the internet to find a good pattern with adequate yardage, but it is possible.

Final Words

Given that the majority of the brands on this list are no longer in production, you’re not going to find a wide selection of fabrics available at your fingertips. However, as I said in the intro to this blog post, these brands are a great alternative to other more costly brands if you are working on a small project.

Having said that, I encourage you to be persistent with your search. You never know when you’ll unexpectedly run into large bolts of deadstock fabric. Just keep your eyes and options open and you might find some gems along the way.

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