The Best Grandmillennial Interior Designers and Studios to Inspire You

If you need design inspiration, I recommend checking out grandmillennial interior designers.

Now, in my quest to find some of the best across the internet, I found that a lot of designers and studios don’t really use the term “grandmillennial” to describe their style. Loads of them use style terms like traditional and classic to describe their specialty.

And that’s why it’s so hard to find them.

But don’t worry. If you too struggle to find interior designers who design in the grandmillennial style, I’ve done the hard work for you.

Hundley Hilton Interiors

Hundley Hilton Grandmillennial Interior Designers

Hundley Hilton is a design firm that describes its style as, “classic and modern.” The designers draw inspiration from the American South and its preference for elegant interiors.

Hundley and Hilton are some of my favorite grandmillennial interior designers on this list. I especially love that although the classic design influences are very evident, they’re not afraid to inject some modernity into their designs!

Amy Studebaker Design

Amy Studebaker Design Grandmillennial Living Room

I know some enjoy grandmillennial style but aren’t too fond of how busy it can look.

Luckily, Amy Studebaker has done some great work in designing spaces that are light and breathable, but still lean into grandmillennial style. So, I recommend you check out her other work too if this is the kind of design inspiration you’re looking for.

Betsy Anderson Interiors

Betsy Anderson Interiors Grandmillennial Dining Room

Betsy Anderson’s designs are timeless.

She has a great eye for details and doesn’t mind mixing patterns. I’d say her style definitely falls between classic and grandmillennial. It does lean a little more classic than grandmillennial, but if that’s what you like I recommend you look through her work.

Mallory Mathison Inc.

Mallory Mathison Grandmillennial Interior Designer

Not at all afraid to use bold and assertive colors, Mathison is the kind of designer you want to follow if you prefer grandmillennial style interiors with a punch.

Like Hundley and Hilton, she’s great at balancing the old with the new to create dynamic interiors. And she’s got great taste in art too.

Debbie Mathews

Debbie Mathews Grandmillannial Interior Designer Bedroom

Debbie Mathews has a background in buying and selling antiques and she does an excellent job in incorporating these pieces into her designs.

She’s versatile in her style, but all of the spaces she’s designed are heavily inspired by classic interiors. If your preferences lean in this direction, browse through her portfolio for inspiration.

Katie Davis Design

Katie Davis Design Grandmillennial Interior Designer Dining Room

Katie Davis is based in Houston, but she and her team serve clients across the country.

I would describe the firm’s style as casual grandmillennial. There are patterns, antiques, and vintage pieces and lots of blues, greens, and white.

If you like classic grandmillennial patterns like Lee Jofa’s Althea, and Bird and Thistle by Brunschwig & Fils, then I recommend you check out Davis’ firm.

I hope this list of grandmillennial interior designers has provided you with some design inspiration for your next project.

That said, do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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