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The Best Brands to Buy Chinoiserie Panels

Chinoiserie panels are a quintessential decor element in chinoiserie – and grandmillennial – interiors. But, where do you buy chinoiserie panels?

It’s not like you can stop by at your local Home Goods and show up knowing you’ll find them sitting in the art aisle.

And that’s why I’ve put together this blog post. I’ve included some of my favorite sources for chinoiserie panels – both printed and hand-painted.

Buy Chinoiserie Wallpaper Murals & Prints

Caitlin Wilson

Buy Chinoiserie Panels from Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson is both an interior and product designer. You can buy all kinds of great decor from her shop, including chinoiserie wallpaper.

I like that you can purchase pieces of the chinoiserie murals as panels. This way, if you are interested in one, two, or all three panels you have the option to purchase as is necessary for your space.

The Mural Source

Chinoiserie Wall Mural

The Mural Source carries many styles of murals, wallpapers, and art prints. They have a whole chinoiserie category that I recommend you browse.

Murals are sold by the panel, so this will be convenient for those who need one or two.

Diane Hill

Buy Chinoiserie Panel Prints

Diane Hill is a London-based gauche artist. She sells prints of her artwork on her website.

She sells various sizes of her artwork, depending on how large you’d like your panels to be. You also have the option of selecting paper or canvas as a material.

Buy Hand-Painted Chinoiserie Panels

Chinoiserie Home Deco on Etsy

Buy Hand-Painted Chinoiserie Panels

This Etsy shop is one of the best to buy hand-painted chinoiserie panels. They offer various designs and have a wide selection of silk options.

Considering the craftsmanship that goes into painting a chinoiserie panel, I’d say the pricing in this shop is one of the best on the list.

If you’re nervous about spending so much money on art, I’d suggest looking through the reviews. This will give you a better idea of the quality of the product and how customers feel about the purchase.

Allyson McDermott

Historical Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panels

Allyson McDermott has an incredible career in art conservation. She also produces chinoiserie wallpapers that are largely influenced by historical designs.

You can find both prints and hand-painted chinoiserie wallpapers on her website. However, there are far more hand-painted options to purchase as that is more her specialty. I would recommend browsing through her work if you’re into historically accurate chinoiserie wallpaper!

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