The Best Halloween Treat Table Ideas

If you are preparing for a holiday party and are in need of some Halloween treat table ideas, I’ve rounded up some of the best across the internet.

Ranging from popular color themes like black and orange to the more trendy like pastel, you are sure to find something to your liking. Or at the very least, something to inspire you.

You will also find some tips and suggestions regarding how to put together your treat table, from displays to decor.

Halloween Treat Table Ideas

Black and White Halloween Treat Table

Halloween Treat Table
Halloween Treat Table

From Pretty My Party

It’s difficult to go wrong with black and white, especially for Halloween. White tablecloths are readily available at most big box stores any time of the year, and you can find creepy cloth in October.

If you want your Halloween treat table to appear darker, use more black. For instance, you can use a black tablecloth and drape some white creepy cloth over it. If you want something lighter, you can replicate the look above.

If you like the idea but find it a little too simple for your liking, you can substitute a white tablecloth for another with some pattern on it such as black and white stripes, plaid, or spider webs. You can check out my recommendations for the best Halloween tablecloths here.

Black and Orange Halloween Treat Table

Black and Orange Halloween Treat Table

From Fun 365 Oriental Trading

Black and orange is not a surprising color palette, but it sure does pack a punch. Vibrant orange is a great contrasting color to black, and touches of white can tie together a solid look.

When it comes to the display itself, if you are going to push a table against a wall, don’t forget to decorate your background too. It’s a great way to spruce up a Halloween treat table and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Use balloons and crepe paper to pull together a design that will make your treats appear much more inviting and appetizing.

Halloween Treat Table Using the Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Halloween Treat Table

From Allison Carter Celebrates on Catch My Party

If you don’t have space for a Halloween treat table or you prefer to display your food in the kitchen, here is an example of a kitchen island treat table.

Given that most kitchen islands are not exorbitantly large, you may have to get creative with your counter space. You can do this by utilizing apothecary jars to display snacks. I delve into this a bit deeper later in the post.

A great little detail to take away from this design is the pumpkin lights. You won’t find very many examples where people use additional lighting to decorate a treat table. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to keep in mind!

Formal Halloween Treat Table

Formal Halloween Tablescape
Formal Halloween Tablescape


A formal Halloween treat table doesn’t have to display a full-course meal, but it can borrow some of the design details from the image above.

A round table can add a touch of sophistication, especially if you cover it with a tablecloth that spills to the ground. Keep to neutral color palettes like black, white, and silver. You can bring in brighter colors with your treats.

If you’re thinking of putting together a tablescape for your party tables, here is a post with some ideas for you to consider.

Modern Halloween Treat Table

Modern Halloween Treat Table


It seems like most Halloween decor that is described as modern is generally lacking in popular Halloween themes like skulls, spiders, and bats. Instead, this design focuses on color and pattern.

Generally speaking, black and white are popular colors used in modern design but they work well in Halloween decor too. If you want some color, you can introduce pops of orange through your food or decor but make sure black and white (or one of the two) are your main colors.

If you are trying to achieve a modern-looking Halloween treat table, your best bet is to keep it simple.

Black and Gold Halloween Treat Table

Black Halloween Treat Table

From Kara’s Party Ideas

Black and gold are one of those pairings that always give off a look of elegance. If you are looking to create a moody Halloween treat table, I would suggest utilizing mostly black in your design. This will make your treat table appear more fitting for the holiday.

Therefore, you can use gold as an accent color. If your options are limited when it comes to decor, you can bring in the shimmer of the gold through cutlery or brass platters.

Pastel Halloween Treat Table

Pastel Halloween Treat Table

From Sweetwood Creative Co.

As cute and lighthearted as pastel is considered to be, it can be a fun color palette for Halloween too.

Pastel colors can be incorporated into your decor in several ways:

  • In the serving dishes, plates/cups or cutlery
  • In the food – especially if you plan on making homemade cupcakes, cake pops, etc.
  • In the balloons and tablecloths

And if you really want to bring out the Halloween features of this design style, accent it with black.

Ways to Display Your Halloween Treats

Apothecary Jars

Halloween Treat Table
Halloween Treat Table

From Fashionable Hostess

As you decide on how to display your treats, don’t limit yourself to platters or goodie bags. Apothecary jars, or just regular old glass jars, work well because the food is visible to your guests. Also, they are useful in that they save table space because the food and snacks are not displayed horizontally.

Bar Cart

Pastel Halloween Bar Cart
Pastel Halloween Bar Cart

From Sugar and Charm

If you’ve got a bar cart in your home, don’t forget to put it to use. You don’t have to restrict yourself by only using it to display drinks. Set up your snacks, candy, or any other food item on it if you are lacking space.

Dress it up a little with spider webs and a skull or a pumpkin here or there so it won’t look out of place with the rest of your party decor.

Cake Stands

Halloween Cake Stand Display

From Lady in the Wild West

Don’t limit yourself by thinking that cake stands are solely for cake. You can display anything on it: cookies, donuts dipping sauce, or even use it in your decor to prop up a pumpkin. The possibilities are limitless.

If you happen to have any in your home, pull them out and play around with them. Test anything you intend on using. This can range from something functional like plates, the food you know you will have displayed, or decor. They help add height to your table design, and will thus make it more visually interesting.

If your cake stand isn’t the right color or design, drape a piece or two of creepy cloth or some non-translucent fabric over it to conceal its color. Alternatively, you can use a lazy susan as well.

Charcuterie Boards

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

From Modern-Glam

If you’re planning a Halloween gathering with the kiddos in mind and don’t think there will be much interest in a traditional charcuterie board, create one with candy instead.

Additionaly, charcuterie boards don’t have to be made of wood, nor do they have to be functional cutting boards. They can be marble, slate, wicker, or silver. Go with a tray that will best fit your color scheme so that it is cohesive with the other details o your setup.

Silver Platters

Halloween Food Display on Silver Platter
Halloween Food Display on Silver Platter

From Better Homes and Gardens

I briefly mentioned this in a previous example, but platters (especially silver and brass) are one of the many ways to display your snacks or finger food at a party.

They can easily be found at second-hand stores, and are usually inexpensive. You can also use them time and time again throughout the year and they’ll last you quite a while.

If all of the pieces you find are “dingy” looking and it just isn’t your style, you can easily take care of that with a bit of elbow grease by polishing them up. Just make sure you buy the right polish for your pieces.

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