5 Ultimate Brands for Vintage Grandmillennial Tablecloths

Vintage tablecloths are a must for anyone who loves Grandmillennial style and enjoys hosting. Vintage in general tends to have charm and character that we just don’t see in most contemporary designs. Consequently, curating a collection is a necessity.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best brands for vintage Grandmillennial tablecloths. I created this list with floral enthusiasts in mind, so you’ll have the best luck with these motifs.

I’ve also sprinkled some of my own tips and tricks if you’re hunting for the best pieces and the best prices online.

Ralph Lauren

If you like Grandmillennial style, there’s no doubt you’ll love vintage Ralph Lauren tablecloths too. Ralph Lauren produced a TON of florals in the 80s and 90s and some of their best come from that period.

I’ve mentioned these floral patterns before in my vintage bedding brands post, but here’s a quick rundown for those unfamiliar with Ralph Lauren:

  • Allision
  • Brittany
  • Caroline
  • Daniella
  • Melissa
  • Sophie

And these are just some. If you search for vintage Ralph Lauren tablecloths online, you’ll want to use search terms like “Floral Ralph Lauren Tablecloth.” Alternatively, try “Vintage Ralph Lauren Tablecloths.” Those tend to yield the best results for me.

WC Designs

WC Designs is a brand you don’t hear much of in the world of vintage, but they’ve got some great patterns in their old catalog.

I have two vintage tablecloths from this brand and I love them both. Quality-wise, the printing on them is great. I will say, the weight of the fabric seems to vary depending on the pattern. I have a nice medium-weight tablecloth and another that’s very lightweight. 

My lightweight tablecloth is great other than the fact that the corners tend to curl up because of their lack of weight. I figured this was something worth mentioning if you’re thinking of buying this brand.

I don’t know whether WC Designs ever named their patterns. However, you’re not likely to run into hundreds of pages of WC Designs products on sites like eBay and Etsy. Therefore, a generic search such as “WC Designs Tablecloth” should be sufficient.

April Cornell

I like April Cornell tablecloths. There are always tons of florals to choose from, but with added details you don’t really find elsewhere.

In particular, many April Cornell tablecloths have a thick printed border along the perimeter. It’s a nice touch to have as it breaks up the repeating pattern. Also, some of these tablecloths can have a block-print quality to them. It makes them look a little more artisanal. 

April Cornell tablecloths are often bright. I find that this brand tends to carry the more unusual but fun colors. If I can find them at a great price, I pick them up.

I will say that April Cornell has been fairly consistent in their brand aesthetic. So, regardless of whether you encounter a vintage April Cornell tablecloth or something more contemporary, it’s likely to be a great piece.


Waverly has been around for a long time. Although they are mostly known for their fabrics, they’ve made numerous decor products throughout the years. Drapery, pillows, bedding – you name it. And tablecloths are no exception.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a particular vintage Waverly pattern. For instance, the search query “Waverly Garden Room” produces several floral patterns. This lack of consistency means it will be a little more difficult for you to find a product in a particular pattern online.

Most Waverly patterns printed on decor tend to be florals. So, you can expect to find florals on their vintage tablecloths too.

Laura Ashley

I don’t have much luck running into vintage Laura Ashley, but I sure do love it anyway.

Like most of the brands I’ve mentioned above, Laura Ashley has a great catalog of vintage floral prints. They are very chintzy in nature, thus making them perfect for Grandmillennial-style homes. 

Laura Ashley has lovely contemporary florals as well, but given that this is a post on vintage brands, I’ll be focusing on the older patterns.

Some search terms that I would use to find the best Laura Ashley tablecloths are:

  • Vintage Laura Ashley Tablecloth
  • Laura Ashley Tablecloth
  • Floral Laura Ashley Tablecloth *in case the seller doesn’t list whether the item is vintage or not*

You can narrow your search by including color filters too.

Hopefully, this list is helpful for anyone who is just getting started on their own vintage tablecloth collections. Obviously, these are not the only brands you should consider purchasing. However, these brands are more likely to produce something to your liking when shopping online.

Happy hunting!

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