Ultimate List of Grandmillennial Style Influencers to Follow

Grandmillennial style has been trending these last few years and naturally more people are interested in the style now than ever before.

If you’re searching for Grandmillennial influencers to follow for style inspiration, I’ve got a list of my top 5 on Instagram.

These individuals will not only inspire you but may also teach you a thing or two when it comes to renovating and decorating your home.

A Glass of Bovino – @aglassofbovino

If you’re looking for Grandmillennial home inspiration with a lot of green, Alisa is your girl. And I don’t blame her – green is a favorite color around here too.

She shares her process for designing rooms and sourcing items on her Instagram account and blog. From wallpaper samples to paint swatching, you can learn a lot by staying up to date on her home makeovers.

Alisa also has a monthly subscription service where she shares all her Facebook Marketplace finds from across the US! So if you’re looking for deals on furniture and decor she’s the one to follow.

Pender & Peony – @penderandpeony

Katherine's Grandmillennial Living Room - From Pender & Peony

Katherine’s design style is Grandmillennial at its core. Lover of antiques, you’ll find tons of decorating inspiration on her Instagram page. She shares many decorating tips and tutorials so you too can achieve similar looks.

Katherine also has a shop where she sells all her decorative finds including fine china, needlepoint pillows, Chinoiserie items, and more. She has shop drops often so you’ll want to follow her for early access.

The Southern Gail – @thesoutherngail

Gail Disner has great style and all the skills to make a room makeover happen. 

Gail is incredible when it comes to home DIYs. She’s your go-to girl for tips on wallpapering, woodworking, DIY bed canopies, tiling and so much more. She shares her process on her Instagram account so make sure to follow if you’re interested.

She also coined the term smaximalist, which she defines as a Southern traditional maximalist style. And she sure does embody it!

Renee Cusano – @reneecusano

Renee is the queen of turning good ‘ole Ikea into a masterpiece fit for a Grandmillennial home. Consider this: she has a video showing how she covered a Kallax with grasscloth wallpaper and made it look like something from Ballard Designs. 

She also shares other DIYs that can get you one step closer to the home of your dreams. Crushed shell mirrors, skirted sideboards, and fabric-trimmed window shades are some of the many projects she shares on her Instagram.

Renee provides design consultation services on her website as well. So if you need a little guidance with designing a room, you can book an appointment with her.

Katie Pellegrino – @katiepellegrinohome

On her Instagram account, Katie shares her home with a Grandmillennial flare.

Her aesthetic is light and airy with touches of blues and greens. And she’s an avid thrifter too. So if you’re looking for an influencer who won’t break your budget, Katie’s the one to follow.

Some of her projects include squiggle headboards, scalloped planters, and gardening tips.

And there you have it! My list of the top Grandmillennial influencers to follow. Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Let me know below!

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